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Hospital Infrastructure ( Hospital Area )

ParticularsRequired Built up Area (in Upto 60 intakeAvailable Area
Hospital Administration Block100102.5
1Superintendent Room21.57
2Deputy Superintendent Room17.57
3Medical Officers Room (For 2 Resident Medical / Surgical Officer)Available / Not available15.4
4Matron Room21.96
5Assistant Matron Room (For 2)-----
6Reception & Registration Room26
Out – Patient Departments (OPD)300305.84
1Kayachikitsa OPD20.15
2Shalya OPDAvailable / Not available18.99
3Shalakya OPD20.15
4Stree Roga Evam Prasuti Tantra OPD20.15
5Kaumarbhritya (Balroga)20.15
6Swastharakshan & Yoga OPD20.15
7Atyayik (Casualty) SectionAvailable / Not available18.99
8Dressing & First-Aid Room, Ksharsutra Room18.99
10Waiting space for patients83
12Male & Female Toilet for Patients25.03
In – Patient Departments (IPD)900906.98
1Kayachikitsa Male Ward199.19
2Kayachikitsa Female Ward199.19
3Panchakarma Male Ward101.05
4Panchakarma Female Ward101.05
5Shalya Male Ward40.43
6Shalya Female WardAvailable / Not available40.43
7Shalakya Tantra Ward40.43
8Prasooti evum Stri Roga Ward64.94
9Kaumar Bhritya (Balaroga) Ward50.47
10Doctors’ duty room one for each department27.39
11Nursing staff duty rooms, one in each ward27.39
12Store room for linen, etc.15.02
Operation Theaters Block150173.66
1. Major Operation Theatre24
2. Minor Operation Theatre10.59
1.     Shalakya Operation Theatre15.59
2.       Labour Room with attached toilet and bath roomAvailable / Not available24.69
3.       Neonatal care room12.81
4.       Central sterlisation/autoclave unit20.95
5.       Scrub room12.81
6.       Two Recovery room15.27
7.       Doctor’s duty room with attached toilet and bath room12.81
8.       Interns/house officer/resident doctors room with attached toilet and bath room11.33
9.       Nursing staff room with attached toilet and bath room12.81
Panchakarma Block200217
1. Snehana Kaksha (Male)13.2
2. Snehana Kaksha (Female)13.2
3. Swedana Kaksha(Male)12.15
4. Swedana Kaksha(Female)12.15
5. Shirodhara Kaksha(Male)12.45
6. Shirodhara Kaksha(Female)12.45
7. Vamana Kaksha(Male)12.35
8. Vamana Kaksha(Female)12.35
9. Virechana Kaksha(Male)11.05
10.Virechana Kaksha(Female)12.05
11.Basti Kaksha(Male)Available /15
12.Basti Kaksha(Female)Not available14
13.Rakta Mokshana, Jalaukavacharana,15.2
Agnikarma, Pracchanna etc Kaksha
14.Panchakarma therapist/Physician’s room13.18
15.Panchakarma store room15.05
16. Four attached toilet-baths for males and four for females with wash basin and geyser facility in each. These will be in addition to the toilets of wards.21.17
Physiotherapy Unit7576.47
1.Physiotherapy RoomAvailable / Not available67.47
2.Physiotherapist room9
Central Laboratory:100100.83
Well equipped and spacious area of two hundred square meter with separate sections for Pathology, Biochemistry and Micro-biology. Attached toilet shall be there for collection of urine samples. Other diagnostic tools for ECG or TMT etc. shall be provided.Available / Not available
Radiology or Sonography Section :-5051.3
Radiologist chamber, X-ray room, Dark room, film drying room, store room, patients waiting and dressing room, reception or registration or report room.Available / Not available
Hospital Kitchen and Canteen:100106.28